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of the women's initiative at the george w. bush institute, mrs. bush continues her work on global health care innovations, and powering women in emerging democracies, education reform, and supporting the women and men who serve in america's military. in september, 2011, the bush institute, the u.s. government, una, and the susan g. komen for the care announced $85 million red rivet initiatives, a partnership to leverage our resources to combat cervical and breast cancer in developing nations. my organization care at the honor of having mrs. bush as the keynote speaker at our annual conference a couple of years ago. she was introduced them by her twin daughters, barbara and jenna, who gave one of the most touching introductions i have ever heard. they painted a fuller picture of their mother and reminded all of us of the multiple roles women balance every day in ways that are truly remarkable. as they did, i want to present to you a woman leader of great depth and accomplishment as i have noted but a woman was also a wife, and mother, and a friend to all of us in this room who fight for equali
. there was a controversial nominee to the d.c. circuit under george w. bush. you can await that. reuters is a wire service, like a.p., but i am not quickly filing alerts the way jim of the done.- jim matheny had i look at broader trends. i do not have to file every day, but it is the wire, so you have to fill a hole faster than you would for the newspaper. >> is anybody else working on a book they want to out? >> not yet. >> you did a biography of justice o'connor. are you still in touch with her? what is she up to? >> she is on an airplane. she is always traveling. i asked if she would be in the room for health care. she said, "i have so much planned." i asked her if she had an instant. she said, i have not even had time to read the statutes. do you know which way they are going? no clue. it turned out that she was in the courtroom the week before. all the speculation about when it will be handed down -- nobody knows until the writing on all sides is finished. she did not know exactly when it was going to come. she could have suspected, the way we did, that it would come on june 28. she was in the courtr
.s. tax policy hosted by the george w. bush institute. later, a british house of commons treasury committee with former barclays ceo bob diamond. friday on a "washington journal, " a look at efforts to improve the economy. a look at whether the economy benefits from welfare creation or job growth. and a look at if the black community is effected by policy. nicholas jones and cynthia gordy. later, the series on international bureaus continues with the chief of the bbc news's washington bureau. he gives us insight into how the plan to cover the upcoming elections. "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> friday, president obama ends his two-day bus tour through ohio and pennsylvania. he will be at a rally at carnegie-mellon university in pittsburgh. we'll bring it to you live here on c-span. friday, a forum on the future of the middle east with four and young people from the -- israel and the palestinian territories. you can see this from the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies, live at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> one of my favorites things to t
this repudiation of george w. bush, i know he's not coming to the convention, but he signed sarbanes oxley. oxley is mike oxley mitigating circumstance predsessor as chairman of the committee. it's an accounting requirement. and what this does is to make another chunk out of that regulation. maybe we hear different people. the american people -- my friend says the american people are crying out for an end to regulation. every indication i have is everybody is tired of irresponsibility, by a few, not everybody, but they are tired of people being scammed and the notion that the fact -- that what we need is less regulation is an odd one. it comes from people who didn't see the cry sess we had because sarbanes-oxley came about after enron. so i would align myself with president bush, i think he got this up with right. i think mike oxley got this one right. for startups, for people about to go public, they have a $250 million exemption. but to give a permanent exemption is a mistake and don't start monkeying with cost benefit analysis. the chair: the gentleman's time has expired. the question is on th
w. bush institute. later, a british house of commons treasury committee hearings with former barkley's ceo bob diamond. president obama kick off his bus tour thursday in maumee, ohio. he addressed the economy, and announced his administration was launching an enforcement action against china at the world trade organization for imposing unfair trade duties from exports to the nine states. this is 30 minutes. >> four more years! four more years! ♪ [cheers] [applause] >> hello. it is good to be back in if ohio. all right. everyone who has a share, feel free to sit down. go ahead and relax. i know it is a little warm out here, but this is what a summer is supposed to feel like. there are a couple of people i would like to acknowledge. please give ida a round of applause. we are proud of her. i am pleased to see the mayor of maumee, one of the best senators, senator sherrod brown. marcy is here. [applause] >> and your former governor, and my campaign co-chair, ted strickland is in the house. [applause] >> i love you. it is great to see you. i hope everybody had a wonderful fourth of jul
reagan and his commitment to israel? he never went to israel. the as anybody criticized george w. bush? he did not know until his second term. what has this administration actually done for the state of israel? that increased security assistance levels to historic levels. has never been higher. we have added funding to protect israeli citizens against rockets coming from gaza. we have stood by him in the un, vetoing resolutions that were trying to condemn israel. >> excuse me, but why it is there still of feeling, the stories that are written that the relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu, for example, are so tense and strange? >> that is a good question. this is an issue where we have always had bipartisan consensus. it is important to hear from the mouths of israelis what they think about the obama administration and their policies. this is from time minister netanyahu. he said there is one thing that stands out clearly in the middle east today, that israel and america stand together. the obama administration gives back to israel security in an unprecedent
probably knows, former reagan and president george h.w. bush official saying that no claim for regulatory issues have increased. he says this. repuicans have embraced the idea that this is holding back employment. they assert that barack obama has unleashed a tidal wave of new regulation which cated uncertainty of business and prevents them from investing in hiring. as i said, he said, no hard idence is offered for this claim. he then says, in my opinion that means -- bruce bartlett -- not my opinion, regulatory system is a kenard used by republicans pursue an agenda supported by the business community year in and year out. nornede, it's a case of political opportumism. that's his opinion. not mine. my concern is if you ask economists on whether or not legislation -- many pieces of legislation that we baffed called jobs bills -- the gentleman has pointed that out -- economists say in the short term which is really what we need to do, we need to do in the short term and the long term is not going to create jobs. . this week we haven't done anything to create jobs. might i ask the gentlema
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7